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Hey all

I was not even sure where to start finding some info on this guy.... it was given to my father and was handed on as part of an IPO back in 1984. It has an engraving on the top about the company's IPO. Just curious about the potential value and any other info someone may have.

It is a 4 sided rotating desk clock. On the bottom is says "Swiss" with a 4 digit number: 2047

On the clock face it says Tiffany and Co, Quartz and Swiss. On the battery movement casing it says made in Germany? Maybe thats just the plastic housing? I cant find any other distinguishing marks inside or out...

On the other 3 faces it has a barometer, hygrometer and thermometer with what appears to be german words? It feels to be brass maybe?

Anyways, on to the pics... any info would be cool... thanks!

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