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Tiffany & Co. Geneva - Value/Age?

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This watch was won by my FIL's uncle in a card game, and he just passed it down to my husband. My MIL says they once had it examined by an expert who gave it a date of manufacture around 1883. The value of Tiffany & Co. watches seems to have a really wide range, and I'm wondering if someone here would be able to confirm or amend that date, and give an estimated value. The sentimental value would preclude selling it, but I wondered if it might be something we should insure?

Plus I'm a lover of all-things-old, so any history of the production - where it was made etc - would be appreciated.

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According to available records Tiffany & Co. did manufacture their own watches for a short period of time. Around 1874, with help from Patek Philippe, Tiffany Co. made their own watches, many with parts from PP, selling them under their own label and unmarked to custom watchmakers. Around 1879, the Tiffany watch making was merged with PP. There were approximately 20,000 watches made. Many are identified as a PP because of the parts used.
Your absolutely right about this ! But , The watch pictured has a bridge style more in the lines of the Le Locle area .Matthey made VERY similar ebauches . They had a very distinct they of wrapping the bridges around the balance . As Hartmut said Jurgensen used a similar style.
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