Founded by Federico Massacesi in 1997, Anonimo is an Italian brand started with the express intention of retaining the tradition of Italy's quality watchmaking while being innovative and diverse.

When Panerai relocated to Switzerland, they left behind many of its most experienced craftspeople, at around the same time Massacesi was formulating his business plan. Through Massacesi's vision and the ex-Panerai team's experience, Anonimo was born.

This year Anonimo celebrates its 20 th birthday and has undertaken a retrospective of their products and what they have accomplished as well as to look forward to the future. Anonimo calls this their Time Capsule.

Since the earliest days, Anonimo have sought "to develop the watchmaking traditions of Florence, Italy." They have kept their watches completely mechanical and wanted to pay tribute to the function and look that put Italy on the watchmaking map.

The first watch Anonimo released was the Millemetri . The Millemetri featured a fully automatic movement which was designed for military use and is waterproof to 1,000 meters. This model would be the foundation and standard of their watches in the future.

Anonimo grew and attracted the attention of collectors and divers, but the company focused more on the military side of their watches.

In 2001 Anonimo released The Militare, which featured a crown at the 6 o'clock position. This watch was succeeded by the Nautilo and the Polluce which quickly became popular within the military as well. Both can handle pressure of over 2,000 meters.

Anonimo took a risk by creating a bronze watch, but it proved successful by being useful as a divers watch. Bronze, while it tarnishes, never degrades, even when exposed to salt water. Anonimo spent time researching the alloy and deciding whether or not they wanted to make their next watch with bronze. Every bronze watch had its own handcrafted leather straps and carefully placed crowns, whether it be for diving or military use.

In 2013 Anonimo, like Panerai before it, relocated to Switzerland, but they continued to make bronze watches. Anonimo has developed a distinctive sturdy and robust watch that can be worn as an elegant dress watch, as well as for military or diver purposes. Over the years, Anonimo has grown and spread across the world being to more than 15 countries.

Looking to the future, Anonimo has redefined the Militare and Nautilo models and has combined the Anonimo's look with quality Swiss movements, and the craftsmanship of Italy's watchmakers. Every model adheres to Anonimo's ethos of style with substance.

Now Anonimo has released a new collection based on the Nautilo called the Nautilo NATO collection, which is characterized by the stripe of color highlighting the textile strap and key features.

Anonimo Panda

Anonimo Newman

For Fall 2017, Anonimo has developed a chronograph version of the vintage automatic model. The chronograph comes in two versions, the Panda and the Newman. These vintage models with a polished bezel come on a bracelet of aged leather.

For greater readability, an internal railroad ticks off the passing of time. With its polished bezel and satin case, this new MILITARE reveals an automatic movement through the sapphire case back and its engraved ANONIMO oscillating weight.

Anonimo looks towards another 20 years of quality watchmaking. The goal is to build upon the tradition they have created as well as continuing to develop new and innovative pieces, combining Swiss precision with Italian flair in watchmaking.

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