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Hi kevco,

First of all, that's a handsome watch and it looks easy to read. I think it's fair to say that Timex make reliable watches and you'll find that the quartz movement inside this watch is used in many of Timex's other models (and perhaps by other watch manufacturers too). The 'indiglo' feature is pretty unique to Timex though - and very useful at night. A touch of the button lights up the dial - I wish every watch had it!

Second. It's made of brass, plated in gold. Now, that's no bad thing. Brass watches tend to be quite lightweight on the wrist and quite hardy - but they are cheaper. Stainless steel tends to be heavier, stronger, but more expensive. Because this watch is plated, the gold will eventually wear away in certain places, depending on how thick the coating is, most likely over years. This will not affect how the watch works, of course, just it bothers some people.

Because it's made from brass, where I live, such a watch would cost me approx. $30.

If gold is your colour and you like it, and can get it for that kind of money ($30-ish), I'd say do it - and wear it well :)
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