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Hi All,

Well this is the common story of the week. I was one of the lucky who hopped on the hype train and happened to pick up the second go round of Timex's Q reissue. The watch arrived afternoon of the 20th, wore it to dinner on the 21st and it hasn't made it's way back to my wrist since (now the 22nd)- my super curly arm hair doesn't play so nice with the bracelet and it's not worth the hassle.

Anyway, because I'm not great with math, I'm hoping to move this one on to someone who will genuinely enjoy it AT COST. We all know that these were $180 retail, so 4% to cover pay pal fees and depending on where you are we can work out shipping (I'm imagining USPS~$8USD, *the box is very heavy*)

Not really in the mood to entertain offers, unless they're higher than my asking price =). Would consider trading up to a Dan Henry 1972 black in good condition, but my quartz dreams are more in line with Sinn UX, Omega X-33, and Seiko 9f type watches. If you have one of those and want to trade, I'd be willing to add cash (duh). Otherwise I'm happy with my current collection and new Sub C.

I'm on Eastern standard time and have a family, so responses might be delayed outside of normal business hours.

Will add photos when I can, otherwise check my IG for proof of possession.
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