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Howdy all, wondering if any of you can assist me to locate a strap for my beloved T40701 Timex Expedition. Yep it has some age but I do love it. Searched high and low but no go. As a fellow member from, The Timex Expedition Appreciation Forum, advised me, -next to 0 chance-, due to age, product discontinued. Anyway thought I'd post it here as this forum is more dedicated to straps. I did spy a post on this thread from 2010(?) that asked the same Q, poster did not advise on the outcome though.

Any ideas if possible to get the original (yeah I know buckley's-but always the optimist)? However info on alternatives etc much appreciated. Indeed any 18mm (lug width) band should do the trick but as per the pics there is a profiled recess that accepts the moulding of the resin/rubber band. Band needs to be resin/rubber, ie. suitable for daily immersion in pool/sea water. As I want it to join me in my evening swims.
Many thanks


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