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Timex T42351 (Fullers1845 is Too Honest!)

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As some of you may know, I've been looking for this Timex T42351 for quite a while now. I've gone to every Target and Walmart within 10 miles and have come up empty. I had been considering getting one from e-bay for $45, but something in my gut told me to hold out. Last week I got a PM from Fullers1845 telling me that he saw one at his local Target for $40+ Shipping and was willing to send it to me at cost + S/H. I figured that I would rather deal with a fellow WUS member, even if it cost a little more than ebay. I asked him to buy it for me if and ONLY IF he was going there anyway. When he went back, the watch was on clearance (for less than $18.74, I'll leave it up to him if he wants to disclose the amount) and then he went to another store and found one for $18.74. He offered to send me the CHEAPER ONE! To make a long story short, I ended up getting the watch for $18.74 Shipped! Thank you Fullers! So be warned! Fullers1845 is TOO HONEST! BTW, the watch left Texas on Monday and was here in NY on Wednesday!

On to the watch. Now ordinarily, I would post this in the "Man, I can't even go into Wal-Mart...with more pictures!" thread by sixtysix, but I felt that Fullers1845's honesty warranted a new thread.

The watch is really nice, and its easy set alarm is very useful. There are two markers which rotate around the periphery, indicating the hour and minute the alarm is set. You pull the 4 o'clock crown one click for a twice daily alarm and two clicks for a less than 60 minute alarm (Only goes off based on the minute indicator). It is aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. The only thing is that I wish it came with a metal bracelet, but I suppose I can have fun hunting one down. I posted some pictures below, but because there are already so many pictures of this watch on the forum, I have decided to concentrate on some of the smaller details. What I found most interesting about the watch is the easy set alarm markers. The hour and minute markers each have thin strips of metal which catch on to the hour and minute hands as they rotate. They are so thin, that you will never see them in stock photos. In one of the pictures below, you can even see the strip bending! At first, I thought there was something wrong with my watch, but I have decided after seeing that the strip is actually tapered, that this was designed intentionally. Again, I love this watch and I feel that it is a great value at $18.74, $40, or even $69.99 (Every day Target Price). To me, this experience just further proves that it pays to follow your instincts. Also, it restores a little faith to man's common decency (Well at least to WUS members).

Thanks again Fullers!


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pretty awesome! i've dropped by several target's in my area and i've found the watch twice, both targets wanted $74.99 for it!
Sometimes you have to ask a Target employee to scan it to know the sale price.
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