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Hi Guys,

After years of buying really cheap digital watches I decided to treat myself to something that costs a little more, a brand new PRW 3000G-1D.

I love this watch in every way EXCEPT for the tinted display. In photos the watch appears to have the same display as my PRG 300 (i.e. nice and plain black digits on grey background). However I was dismayed to find that the new watch has something of a red tinge to the display. My new watch looks like it is suffering from a hangover!

Is this tinting in the crystal or is it built into the LCD? I am hoping that I can just replace the crystal to remove the tinting, because apart from that I would give this watch a 9 out of 10. I bought a protrek because the display is so easy to read but the tinting just ruins that for me (because I am really picky).
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