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Hi all,

I'm looking into getting my very first, non-plastic, decent watch for myself. Now I am a student at the moment but my future job will involve a lot of tight, dirty crevices so I was looking for a watch that I can wear on 'dress occasions' (I'll get a sportier one for everyday use).

I was thinking of this as my first purchase:

Tissot Men's Tradition Watch T0636371106700: Watches

Is it too flashy? I know dress watches are meant to be understated (simple as possible), but I don't really feel like the perpetual calender is negatively affecting its whole general look.

Any owners with previous experiences, perks and downfalls of the particular model?


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Hi Zgicc,

I´m new here but have one Tissot PR50 since 2000 and it´s running well and strong. Four months ago I bought a PR 100 and I´m very happy with it too.

I like this brand and you choice look like very nice.

Good Luck!
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