Germany based Torsten Nagengast has an abiding passion for historical watches and the wish to create his own collection of valuable wristwatches is what inspired him to set up his own shop, Torsten Nagengast Timeline – TNT. Free of any commercial considerations, Torsten started to collect single rare and valuable timepieces.

Doing business trading collector’s watches was followed by new movements using ETA productions, and later, new old stocks from the 40's and 60's, as well. To make sure he offered the best possible service, Torsten surrounded himself with extremely competent people and friends. Working closely with them and collecting high quality timepieces turned out to be an excellent education, enabling Torsten to get a real feeling for valuable watches and clocks.

On show here is an IWC vintage model lovingly restored for a client. While the movement is untouched, the dial has been lovingly to its former glory.

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