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Gee guys, I got to ask questions since I am not a diver. :-d

1. First, if you dive deep or low visibility, I am sure most diving has at least one dive light right? So won't it be easy to just shine the dive light onto your watches?:think:

2. Also do you divers if dive at night or very little sunlight, charged up your watches' lume before diving? I reckon some yes and some no. So those yes, I reckon they charge the watches quickly with a dive light. (Again that can be done underwater too with just shinning the dive light over your watches?!):-d

But what do I know as a non-diver!o|

That said, even as a non-diver, I would like to have a watch with good lume. Cos if the lume is UNEVEN, even for most Swiss branded watches, it is YUCKS when the light is off.

Oops!:oops: we are talking about Lume and not gas tubes right?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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