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Since I've purchased a GW-A1100, it has pretty much become my daily wearer. I still wear most of my other watches, but usually need a "reason" to put on something other than the A1100.

I have often thought, and possibly posted that this watch would be perfect in my eyes if it had the illumination system of the GA-1000 (UV-LED neon illuminator light) and was wondering what direction the aviator series will go- and what could possibly get the 1100 off my wrist.

I wondered, since I am interested in aviation watches in of many types; If Casio created a "B" dial aviator watch, is that something you would consider?

"b" dial is a type that has the minutes marked out, instead of the hours.

the markings look something like this;

here's a thread where someone new to the forum asked, and the b dial is explained better than I ever could;

Since this IS kind of a traditional aviation look for a watch, would you consider a watch like this if Casio included one in their Aviator lineup?

I don't know if it would make the dial too busy, with all the other features, but a dial like this and the UV-LED illumination would definitely have me opening my wallet!
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