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Tornek Rayville Please

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Hi all,

I sit here, as I write this, with a wonderful P300 ( with date ) on my wrist. I took off the metal bracelet and put it on the supplied NATO. It looks absolutely amazing. It constantly draws the eye. The clarity, crispness and precision of the dial is mesmerising. The bezel is brilliantly legible when viewed straight and reflects all sorts of fabulous colours at other angles.

After the watch finally cleared UK Customs ( after 2 weeks ), it has not left my wrist for a week and I am a very happy man.

Except .... I struggle to describe this ... I have a strange and tiny piece of emptiness inside. A little void where something is missing. Where something used to be. It took me some days to work out what it was ... for the first time in almost 10 years my "incoming list" is now empty. I no longer harbour that small ( often suppressed ) feeling of excitement and anticipation that the P300 has provided for so many years.

So, as an open plea to Bill, will you please take my deposit for a Tornek Rayville. I really don't mind how long the wait, but would prefer something a little less than 10 years ;-)

To those who have received your P300s - enjoy them. For those still waiting - I hope it will not be much longer now.


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I'm hoping to acquire a TR when the next window opens. In the interim can someone answer a question for me? Some of the images that have been posted show "MKII" below the Tornek-Rayville name while others, including plank owners show "U.S." below the name. Is that an option during ordering?
In short, no the branding text is not an option. Only the bezel insert and strap(s) are your options of choices.

So the ones with the MKII branding on the dial were Bill’s original run of the TR, years ago. There was only like 7 of those produced and they also have blue text in the moisture indicator area.

The new TR-660 has no MKII branding and the U.S. under the TR name. Also the moisture indicator area is black and grey.

There’s more differences but those to me are the easiest ones to spot.

:( Darn...I like the look of the original run just a wee bit better than the current. MKII and Bill have established a good reputation and, in my opinion, having the MKII name helps promote their brand.
That Hodinkee article and comment section was entertaining. While not all Hodinkee readers/supporters are this way, it’s not shocking their elitist attitude looks down on the TR, but other brand resurrections are ok. Honestly I’d be more worried if Logan Baker and company were raving about and giving the TR glowing reviews lol.

Here is my “budget Blancpain look without any affiliation to the history of Blancpain or to its current structure as part of the Swatch Group.”

I went looking for the story on Hodinkee and also found it interesting. As several others have pointed out some on Hodinkee look down on the TR, but their article on the Bulova MIL Ships seemed rather kindly written and some of the comments also seemed favorable. Could it be that Hodinkee took more kindly to the Bulova since they offer it for sale in their store?
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Would someone know when the next opportunity to order one of these beauties will open? Other than signing up for their mailing list is there anything else I need to do to be alerted?
Is it just me or are the few TR660s that pop up in the sales forum all acrylic? Anyone time I've looked in that section of the forum or even on Watch Recon the only TR660s for sale are acrylic.
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