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Tornek Rayville Please

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Hi all,

I sit here, as I write this, with a wonderful P300 ( with date ) on my wrist. I took off the metal bracelet and put it on the supplied NATO. It looks absolutely amazing. It constantly draws the eye. The clarity, crispness and precision of the dial is mesmerising. The bezel is brilliantly legible when viewed straight and reflects all sorts of fabulous colours at other angles.

After the watch finally cleared UK Customs ( after 2 weeks ), it has not left my wrist for a week and I am a very happy man.

Except .... I struggle to describe this ... I have a strange and tiny piece of emptiness inside. A little void where something is missing. Where something used to be. It took me some days to work out what it was ... for the first time in almost 10 years my "incoming list" is now empty. I no longer harbour that small ( often suppressed ) feeling of excitement and anticipation that the P300 has provided for so many years.

So, as an open plea to Bill, will you please take my deposit for a Tornek Rayville. I really don't mind how long the wait, but would prefer something a little less than 10 years ;-)

To those who have received your P300s - enjoy them. For those still waiting - I hope it will not be much longer now.


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Sorry to add to the demand but...subscribed !

I would love to check out a MkII and the RTW seems like a great place to start. None of the available RTWs grab me but I like the TR aesthetic and reading above that it will be 40ish sounds great.
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Good to have you here boatswain, no need to apologize.

The TR/Stingray will be a great first MKII.

I'll be curious to see what the final specs and price shake out as.

I would be a fan of it coming in around 40mm if that is still up for debate.

I've snooped around this sub forum looking for info on the this model and the previous one. Certainly leaves me wanting to know more about both in a good way.

I'll keep it locked here and I look forward to either tidbits trickling out or the grand reveal.
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Oh boy...

Very excited to see what's coming....
Shall we idly and wildly speculate for a couple hours about specs and pricing? Will it have changed from the original TR?

I'm hoping it comes in at 41mm or smaller
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As this is my first potential MKII and RTW preorder what’s the usual drill?

Is it a 50% up front scenario?
I only got the TR notice.

Can anyone share what the differences are between the new TR and the stingray 2?

Okay so it's just the TR going now then?

Stingray 2 will be later?

I got the info for the TR.

Just pondering what to do...

I like the 40mm size.

I do wish there were some more detailed renders though, especially of the case profile and up close on the dial. Those would be helpful before plunking down on the preorder for me.
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Shiny acrylic vs matte aluminum is a tough choice.

Acrylic feels closer to the original TR while the aluminum works well with bead blasted case and tool vibe.

Matte ceramic or sapphire would have been nice too.
I sat this one out for now in the end.

It sounded from the notification email that there would be opportunity again down the road beyond the 75 and that it is "not limited".

I think seeing some real world pics and getting closer to delivery time will be a help to me.

Congratulations to those that made it through.
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:think: Thought I would add some thoughts about the bezel options...
Good summary

I feel like I would probably go for the aluminum at this point.

If the other choice was sapphire I may have gone that route.

Looking forward to seeing what the inserts and the rest of the watch looks like in real life.
I was just reminded about the TR when I stumbled on a pic of an old sting ray.

Still hoping we see a sting ray update too soon.

Happy waiting to the TR folks!

I may kick myself for not ordering...
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Oh man.

I know I sat this one out at the time but I sure am curious to see how these turn out.
It would have been nice to see a prototype before preordering. Or I imagine now for those that have ordered to be able to see what’s coming.

Just to see how the details are executed in reality. Really that’s what held me back at the time the preorder opened. I just couldn’t jump in based on 1 2D drawing.

Hopefully some pics come out soon to tide folks over.

Happy waiting to all those on the preorder list.
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Saw the first photo hit Instagram. Looking good!

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Thanks for sharing!

Looks promising. Love what appears to be a blasted finish.
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If I remember right the Pre-order render had a grey indicator with no colour. I was hoping for a pop of blue but I don’t remember seeing it for these. I could be wrong though.
Awesome looking forward to seeing more.

Preparing to kick myself for passing on the pre order.

Though I also assume a second round of ordering may be possible in the future. And hopefully more pics will be out at that time.
Man. Bead blasted cases so look SO good.
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