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Tornek Rayville Please

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Hi all,

I sit here, as I write this, with a wonderful P300 ( with date ) on my wrist. I took off the metal bracelet and put it on the supplied NATO. It looks absolutely amazing. It constantly draws the eye. The clarity, crispness and precision of the dial is mesmerising. The bezel is brilliantly legible when viewed straight and reflects all sorts of fabulous colours at other angles.

After the watch finally cleared UK Customs ( after 2 weeks ), it has not left my wrist for a week and I am a very happy man.

Except .... I struggle to describe this ... I have a strange and tiny piece of emptiness inside. A little void where something is missing. Where something used to be. It took me some days to work out what it was ... for the first time in almost 10 years my "incoming list" is now empty. I no longer harbour that small ( often suppressed ) feeling of excitement and anticipation that the P300 has provided for so many years.

So, as an open plea to Bill, will you please take my deposit for a Tornek Rayville. I really don't mind how long the wait, but would prefer something a little less than 10 years ;-)

To those who have received your P300s - enjoy them. For those still waiting - I hope it will not be much longer now.


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Why would he be taking deposits for a ready to wear?
The Tornek Rayville probably won't be a "ready to wear." Rather, it will likely be a special project - hence, the deposits.
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I've had three 6R15s in the SARB033 and SARB035, and I found them to have poor accuracy and noticeable anisochronism and positional variance. They're just rather inconsistent performers, and I much prefer the Miyota 9015 or ETA 2824-2 movements for their accuracy.

In a $900 watch with a year long wait, I think I'll wait to see real life photos before making a final decision about whether it's a watch I have to have. I'm also a bit miffed that something from their "Ready to Wear" line has a year long lag time. Wasn't the point of that line that they would be ready to order, unlike their "Benchcrafted" line?

Also, according to the specifications, it appears to have a choice between an acrylic or aluminum bezel insert, even though the crystal is sapphire. At that price, it should have a sapphire bezel as well.
Oh my goodness.
The name isn't "patented" because names aren't patented... Inventions are patented. Names are trademarked. Bill actually does now own the Tornek-Rayville trademarked name — on file with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). I think the confusion arises because the same federal government agency registers both patents and trademarks. Since Bill does own the trademark, this new watch isn't a homage at all; in fact, it's just the actual latest release of a very old trademarked brand.
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I'm starting to regret not be able to get my pre-order through.

That jacket looks cool!
It was karma hard at work... because the universe knew you would eventually become the main person arguing against the standalone integrity of the Tornek-Rayville trademark. (Lol!)
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