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Well well well it is Friday night and here are some of today's pictures

For those who have been following my pictures for the past couple of year's, "Wildlife" will bring back some memories of my past Field Trips... I am beat and had a major headache today so as not to turn the post into a "Blog" thingy let's move on to the pictures right away!
Here is Canada's new top Model... Don't know her name - Google it if you care - I am too lazy for that - she has a very nice smile but could use some meat on her skinny bones!

I'd still hit it 3 times over!

Cool girl looking at the sidewalk art

For Fage

Cool Shot

I have decided to take a pic a day - I would not ordinarily take ... And voila

Dancing gal

Hummmm what's written in her shirt?

Let's zoom in!

What's wrong with this picture?

One more girl!

Then the bird..!

Okay no more pictures of this bird after this post! ;-)
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