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Yankeexpress has some Raysman watches that are on their original batteries and are +- 20 years old.

I just bought an old G2310 with 2184 module and an ML-2016 battery that the seller said was dead. Thirty minutes in the sun yesterday brought the module to life long enough for me to check all the functions and they work. It's on the deck getting direct sunshine right now. It may take a few days in the sunshine to bring it back to full charge. Best guess from the seller was the watch was in a drawer, dead for years.

Back to your original question in terms of how long a battery will last; that depends on how the watch is used and how much sun exposure it receives in it's life time. Not much sun and fully depleted several times and it will not last long. Outside in the sunshine enough to keep it fully charged and it never comes off high or medium, it should last decades.

The newer CTL-1616 battery will most likely last multiple decades. Rechargeable batteries should last decades as long as they do not become fully drained multiple times.
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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