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I will probably not be alone with this one.

I'd like to mount a cheap Tourbillon movement onto some nice metal piece and have it on my desk as a little mechanical gadget or fancy paperweight. Just to wind up every now and then and watch the mechanism spin.

Obviously, I'd need some cheap Chinese made movement that does not look too raw and unfinished, whereas all forms of timekeeping performance specs are really not important in this case (as there will be no hands connected). Which is just as well because the few I've seen so far have quite shocking tolerances of +/- 30s. But since I am not inclined to buy a proper Tourbillon watch or any cheap and cheerful incarnation of it, I thought that this type of paper weight solution can still bring a bit of enjoyment by appreciating the mechanism as such.

Do you guys know any good and reliable sources of such movements that accept PayPal (not keen on people visiting good hotels with my card number) and offer movements that lend themselves to the objective?

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