Hello watch people

Picked this up from here a few weeks ago - gorgeous limited edition MM300 with the dark green dial and beautiful black bezel. I’ve had several MM’s and this one is the best of the bunch - plus it’s nearly nat’s ass accurate .

Seiko SLA047 - lots of videos online - dial appears black most of the time but when it catches a certain light, the green with the gold seconds hand is very, very nice.

If you’ve never owned a marinemaster, don’t be afraid of the listed 44 mm size. They actually wear closer to 42. And the ratcheting clasp is awesome! Good video of similar watch (021) on smallish wrist:

Anyway, it’s just too nice for my lifestyle and I’m afraid I’m going to scratch the heck out of it lol - looking to trade it for something more tool’ish or sell outright for $2050 net, delivered CONUS.

OFFERS FROM CONUS ONLY please and must have refs - I have dozens of 100% satisfied buyers, so no worries there (Please look up my reviews and always buy the seller!)


this is the ad from previous owner

and a quick pic from me ;)

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