For sale I have a SNX427 project. The Seiko SNX427 is one of the original Seiko military styled watches and this project was made using an original Seiko dial as well as hands from this model.

The case is a SKX conversion case which is about 42mm wide, styled after the 6105 diver but with the crown at 3.8 which means that the regular SKX type dials fit in it without messing with the feet. In fact the SNX427 dial was installed properly with all parts intact.

The specs are:
SKX steel Conversion case -6105 style
Flat sapphire crystal
byrotational bezel with easy grip
timer bezel insert
Original Seiko SNX427 dial
Orginal Seiko SNX427 hands
Brand new Seiko NH36A movement with black day/date wheel - day wheel with Kanji characters
S engraved crown
About 42mm wide
Drilled through 20mm lugs
The watch is very nice, well made and solid. The bezel is friction and is easy to turn but not accidentally
the crown is smooth and works well.
Nice Seiko Lume

I started this project several weeks ago, normally I plan out what to do and then get the parts together. this time I saw an original SNX427 for sale and bought it on impulse. Then weeks later I got the case and then another 2 weeks later due to snags and delays I got the movement. So it has been in the making for 4-5 weeks. When I finally got all the parts together I was happy, I achieved my goal but it seemed like I had the watch for a long time... that combined with the fact that I now have 4 extra watches and no space in the watch boxes, made me decide to offer this for sale.

Note that some of the parts for this are rare and it was kind of expensve for me to put together. As a result though this is a UNIQUE watch. It is well made and works flawlessly. I am asking $345 Net to me, shipped in the USA. I am including several straps as you can see in the pictures, these are all new - clean straps that I never used.

Here are a few pics

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Silver
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font
Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font
Watch Analog watch Clock Jewellery Nickel
Watch Silver Analog watch Clock Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Rectangle Watch accessory Natural material
Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Watch accessory
Watch Sleeve Rectangle Tartan Magenta