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From a post by Jeff Hess:

Dan Hall, my VP of Operations, sat down one day and actually READ the statutes and laws.

I tried on day, and it was indeed very very daunting.

Mr. Hall came to me the next day and said "I think the NRC interprets their laws wrong and I think we can make a watch with "up to" 100 mCi and get a license for same!

I told him he was wrong and that every watch I had ever seen had the T-25 on the bottom and it was readily understood by everyone in the world (including the two very serious Federal Agents that visited out office on day after an infraction) that 25 mCi was the limit.

Mr. Hall was insistent. I essentially said "go for it".

7 months later, he convinced the NRC that they were wrong and and another 3 months of legal wrangling and voila! We had a license.

Two caveats. One, Mr. Hall did a TON of homework on this and it was indeed difficult with attorneys and such involved as well as technical experts, NRC employee input and state and Federal licensing agents. It was NOT easy. Two, I think we are unique in that most watch companies import their watches THROUGH a large company that does importation of tritium objects. We are unique in that we obtained our own license ourselves and took classes and such. (I am, for instance a trained "Nuclear Regulation Officer" as is Dan Hall and my wife). We are the ONLY one licensed to import these high millicurie watches (as far as I know) at this time.

At Basel, we also heard another big gas tube watch company was spreading the word that we were "Getting away with something" and/or were "doing something illegal".

Not true. We have a license issued by the NRC to import these watches.

Plain and simple. Born by good old American hard work, research and doggedness.

Jeff Hess

The only "mistake" was in dial marking. the t-25 is for watches "up to " 25 mCi. All watch with 25 and up to 100 mCi should be marked simply "T". One or two of the higher Mci watches were inadvertently marked "t-100" but still had a tad less than 100 mCi. Hope this clears this up. __________________
President of Ball Watch U.S.A.
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