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Some time ago I had a Seiko 6309 and while I liked it overall I did not like the fact that it was old. I then decided to get a Tsunami which is the closest thing but it's a recent model with a nice movement. I liked it a lot and decided I needed to do another project with one.

I had bought a used bracelet already and then was lucky to find a great conditon Tsunami head from another great WIS. The watch is a classic edition and I decided to try and keep the same dial which is unique to this model, the hands though needed to go. I never liked the original Seiko diver hands and these were not exception. I was going to try some Sumo hands but decided that since the hour markers did not have the chrome frame, it would be best to use some plain hands. I had these hands from the Stargate which are essentially the same shape as the Sumo ones only they are white and have black base.

The lume is good, while the markers are not as bright as the hand at the beginning, within a minute or two they look the same and the luminosity lasts all night in just about the same way. A cool thing is that this is number 100 of 100, I guess it was the last one of the first batch.

Well, I already knew that I would like the result since I had it mocked it up in my mind, however when it was actually put together I decided that this was a very likely combination. After wearing it for a day I can say that it has become one of my top favorite watches. The hands actually have the right shape and size to nicely match the markers on the dial, at least in my opinion. I could not be happier.

Here are a few pics of the watch the Tsunami Classico, sorry for any lint or dust specs:

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