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Tudor 58 Release Date

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I received a call from an AD that the release date for the 58 is the end of September. A few more months to wait.
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There are a few rumors floating around that the BB58 has been delayed until September.

I called my AD, that I have a pre-order with, and they said that while they've heard similar rumors in social media, Tudor confirmed to them that the release is still on track for later this month, July.

Also Tudor's own Instagram has started to promote the 58 in the past few days: Initial reviews have also started to surface, like Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

I guess we're know soon enough.
Thanks for the review link! In the article, it said "As ever, both options come with an additional fabric strap." Is this true? I thought the fabric strap was extra?

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I guess the reviewer got that wrong? My AD told me that the NATO no longer comes as a free extra, but as an option when you order the watch. Seems like for the BB GMT, it arrived this way for those buyers.
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That article is reviewing the non working mock-up that AD's have passed around since April. Time is always 10:08. Still a nice write up though.
From these shots, it does seem like it's a working model.

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FYI, these have started showing up in AD's in the UK today....
Yup, it's consistent with the long held rumor that it'll be in European AD's by this weekend and out in US AD's starting next week.
Latest word from my AD is first two weeks of August, while others who talked to Tudor reps at the Shreve event said late August. Others claim its being delayed in the US until September. At this point, who knows?

It’s out in Canada BTW.
Congrats to the newly acquired! Patiently waiting for mine.
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How in the world is Jomashop even getting stock on the BB58's, before the US AD's? I don't get it...
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Thanks, I did want the GMT because its a sports watch to compliment my Sub, but if availability continues to be nutso then I will consider other options. The only concern I'd have is with a sub how much time the 58 would get but I like its retro style.
Have you considered a GMT 16710?
The roll-out strategy for this watch is truly confusing. And frustrating. At least, here in the U.S.

It's not simply that it's taking forever - it's the false promises and push-backs and misinformation and overall lack of transparency/clarity. Call 5 dealers and they'll tell you 5 different things. "I've been told October," "The watch won't hit the U.S. until August," "We have no idea when it's coming." It's not the ADs' fault, it's that Tudor can't get all of its reps on the same page.

For a Rolex, I guess all this would be par for the course. But this isn't a status watch that people have been saving up for years to purchase, where the anticipation is part of the buyer's journey. It's just a nice, functional piece, and it's beyond frustrating that people (like me) who have put deposits down are forced to sit on their hands and play a waiting game with no clear end in sight.
Agree 100%. Rolex can arguably play that game but Tudor can't. People will simply move onto something else.

They seemingly launched the BB-GMT in large quantities in late June, and given some of the issues with that date mechanism, I wonder if Tudor is performing some additional QA and testing on the 58 since it is a new movement. If so, I don't mind the delay - I just wish they are more transparent with the process. These Swiss watch brands could take a page out of Apple's and other tech companies' product launch playbook.
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My AD said much the same. He also said that the manufacturer produced far more GMTs than 58s, based on anticipated sales. It's taking them a while to get the 58s into stores because they simply didn't produce enough of them from the jump-essentially, the watch's popularity has taken Tudor by surprise, hence the lack of available inventory.
A bit shocking considering that the most common complaint about the BB is it's size and thickness.
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I, too, am curious of this. Any BB 58 owners have an update on this?
Curious as well. My AD called me today and told me that it's still on backorder.
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