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Tudor 58 Release Date

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I received a call from an AD that the release date for the 58 is the end of September. A few more months to wait.
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There are a few rumors floating around that the BB58 has been delayed until September.

I called my AD, that I have a pre-order with, and they said that while they've heard similar rumors in social media, Tudor confirmed to them that the release is still on track for later this month, July.

Also Tudor's own Instagram has started to promote the 58 in the past few days: Initial reviews have also started to surface, like Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

I guess we're know soon enough.
Thanks for the review link! In the article, it said "As ever, both options come with an additional fabric strap." Is this true? I thought the fabric strap was extra?

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I'm not complaining but I'm curious as well?

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International stock maybe?

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I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem like they hit the market really in the US, just here and there, and it’s almost been a year! Good luck to all waiting, it’s a fantastic piece.

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1 - 3 of 146 Posts
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