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SOLD Thanks WUS!

No Trades, Please. CONUS only.

*This sale is for established WUS members (or other watch enthusiast sites) with feedback, if you don’t have feedback, I might require additional verification. Would consider an in person pickup in NE Ohio at my discretion. There's been plenty of horror stories of scammers infiltrating this site & others, so I apologize in advance if I'm extra cautious. *

Price: $1,970 via Paypal Goods and services. I’LL pay shipping cost YOU’LL pay the additional PayPal fee. Offers welcome, but note that I won’t commit to any offers for the first few days of this listing. Average price on a BB36 with this much warranty time left is about $2200-$2300.

Second owner – Love this watch but wanting to free up some cash and plan on buying a IWC Mark XVIII 36mm next year, so the tudor is on the chopping block.

Accuracy: Watch works flawlessly. I’ve tested it in different positions (Face up, crown up, on winder etc) and EVERY test has been within less than+4 seconds per day (Dial up, lying flat and on winder) and greater than -2 seconds per day (crown up - watch on side). YMMV, but you should see these times.

Condition: As noted, the watch functions great. Crystal is great, never been dropped or swam with. This has been my DAILY desk diver and it shows. There’s a lot of hairline scratches.. a lot. I don’t believe there’s anything too deep and I don’t see any major dings. But this is why my price is a few hundred less than the going rate. If you’re looking for a daily watch, this might be perfect for you (it is the ultimate GADA watch!). However, if you’re looking for a safe queen, this is not the watch for you. I believe the photos capture the overall condition accurately, and I find that when it’s on my wrist, you really can’t see a lot of the hairline scratches until it’s very up close/bright light. A lot of the scratches could possibly be polished/buffed out, but I never had a problem with it. I intentionally added photos with harsh lighting.

Watch was purchased from Tudor AD TimeCity in Hong Kong in February 2021, so with the 5 year warranty, this is covered until 2026. You can verify Time City by going to Tudor (or Rolex) site and searching for Time City under retailers. Make sure to keep the invoice!

Tudor box is in great condition. I have all the links mounted on the watch for my 6 ¾ inch wrirst, and there’s two additional micro adjustments to be used on the clasp. So this will likely fit a wrist a smidge over 7 inches. I believe the BB36 doesn’t come with many links to begin with, so if you have a larger wrist, you might need to purchase an extra link.

Please see below or search my name for my extensive WUS feedback. Also active on eBay (PolskaPanzer) and Reddit (CreepyTeePee123) if further verification is desired.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need additional photos or whatever.

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