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Is Tudor Diet Rolex

Tudor is just Diet Rolex

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I was chatting with a friend, and of course we discussed time pieces, the obvious subject of Rolex vs. Omega came up (we happen to love both, and have pieces from both brands), but somehow he asked me about the Pelagos.
I know the history of Tudor, but it is not a brand that I have bought before (the Harrods looks very cool, would I buy it? No.) so I said ‘hmm not sure never had it on wrist…’
To which his response was ‘I don’t blame you, Tudor is just a diet Rolex.’
I do see the similarity in case and dial designs…and of course the history behind Tudor, but where do you stand on Tudor, is it a diet Rolex? Or is it its own brand with its own style, and history?
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Tudor doesn't make bio ceramic plastic watches with chrono pushers that fall off.
Who does?
Omega is diet Rolex.

Rolex is diet San Martin
I am not really sure I understand what you are trying to say here other than to provoke. I did not know about San Martin before this but just went to their website and I would have to say that they are more like the Walmart of watch companies, except that Walmart is a rather original company and SM is just a cheap copy of other companies. This is pretty much undeniable so your statement makes no sense.
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Oh, do you mean the Swatch Speedmaster like watches. I see now, I was not sure what you weere referring to.
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