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I mean it is limiting but we all knew that going in and that’s what I signed up for. My dream watch is a MilSub and this is as close as I’m ever going to get. Have always wanted a quality watch with fixed bars for wearing strictly on natos. I find natos super comfortable, durable, easily replaced, and great in all sorts of conditions.

The night before this release I knew Tudor was going to announce something but I wasn’t even remotely interested. Had no desire for a new watch and didn’t even really plan to check it out specifically. But when I woke up the next morning and opened Instagram there it was….a fixed bar dive watch with some serious Sub-like lineage evident. I was shocked and was on the phone to my AD when they opened at 9am, something I’ve never done before on a newly released watch. Tudor managed to release literally the only thing that would make me instantly want to buy it.

I didn’t get it that first day or even week, they had one but it was spoken for by the time I got to talk to my salesperson. But, just last week I got the call, turns out the guy who was going to buy it just never came in to collect it and wasn’t returning their calls.

Been so happy with it, more than I even expected. What I didn’t realize was how comfortable the light weight from the ti construction would make it, it just wears effortlessly and so comfortably. Love it on the wrist and the case has that classic sub-like profile I love. Been waiting so long for a watch like this I’m even able to overlook the slightly misaligned bezel and the fact that while it’s within spec it’s running slower than I’d like (-3 to 3.5). I don’t even care, those things can always be fixed at service. I just love wearing this watch and am so glad someone finally made it.

Picked up a variety of natos form C&B including a couple matte Supremes and a HD for times I want a real heavy duty (little bummed the Supreme buckle uses spring bars…..fabric is fantastic though). But I’ve really been liking the stock fabric Velcro. It just fits my big wrist (8” ish) and I wouldn’t trust it in hard use scenarios as the hook part is only about half engaged since the rest doesn’t reach the loop part. But it’s comfy, infinitely adjustable to get a perfect fit, and looks great.

Boy, I wrote a book there….sorry….lots of enthusiasm on my part for this one.

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does it wear and larger or smaller than the SMP?
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