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Hello everybody.

I bought these two russian watches last week, on a chrismas market place. A russian santasmile was selling lots of russian articles, including some watches :

I identified easily the right one, but the chronograph is a mistery. I can't find an approaching watch in online shops.

Here is the pic of the back of the chronograph :

other infos: case diameter 38mm, case height 13 mm as some Buran chronograph models, so that's OK.

I hear a stange noise from it, added to the classical "tic tac", kind of "deng deng", when the watch is turned over.:-s
The chronograph minutes hand puts itself sometimes at one minute when turning on the chronograph.:-|

I would like the Buran specialists on this forum to kindly tell me what movement is probably in tis watch, if these defects I noticed are normal, russian charm, or if it needs some fixing... the precision test I made gives something like one minute avance in 12 hours, quite a lot indeed.

Thank you for your reading despite my poor english, I'm looking forward to your answers.|>

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