EDIT- Fire sale- $225.00. Needs to go.

This a Vostok for the guys who KNOW Vostok...A build to honor the history..

Started with the 42mm Modtok 090 case which is designed to use a seiko ratcheting bezel and also comes stock with a high dome Sapphire crystal. The case is bead blasted from the factory. I added the sunburst brushing on top and polished sides similar to the 40th anniversary 1967. V24 090 crown/stem. Meranom modern Scuba Dude caseback.

Stock 2415 movement (new at the time of build), CNC'd alloy movement spacer. Rare oversized paddle hands and superlumed "seafoam" no date Scuba Dude dial. The watch glows like a modern diver should... not quite seiko... but WAAAAAAAY better than 99% of Vostoks. :)

The bezel itself is from One Second Closer. For a design nod to the originals, I took an original stainless Vostok bezel to my buddy's machine shop and with a 6 pack of Guinness, convinced him to turn it all the way down so I could use it as an insert keeping the original style.

22mm Modern FKM Rubber strap..obviously you know if you are looking at this that there are only endless strap options.

This was a labor of love for sure and I know I'll never get my money back out of it, but I need space in the box. All in, I'm sure I have well north of $400.00 in parts plus my time of course..

$275.00 OBRO shipped. Really the only trades I'd consider are Serica 4512 or Modern Seiko Turtles... Couple isofranes?
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