What better way to mark the start of a new year than with an exciting new release from UNDONE? This week, the bespoke wristwatch label introduces Arabian Nights, the brand’s first Lapis Lazuli dial watch, fittingly accompanied by the phrase “This too shall pass” printed in Farsi on the caseback. It’s a welcome reminder that nothing lasts forever, including the challenging events we’ve all been experiencing over the past year.

Watchuseek readers will remember UNDONE as the microbrand responsible for creative, collectable, pop culture-themed collabs – watches like these eminently covetable DC and Monopoly-inspired pieces. Today, they share hopeful adages from the Middle East in the form of Arabian Nights, a timepiece that pays homage to the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales which gave the world classic characters and stories such as Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Bold and beautiful, the timepiece’s dial is akin to the alluring Arabian night sky, made from Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue metamorphic rock prized for its intense color. Lapis Lazuli literally means “blue stone” and here, it's been used by UNDONE to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind dial. The stone itself is unlike any other, packed with multiple minerals including lazurite, calcite (white), sodalite (blue) and pyrite (metallic yellow), which combine to give it that deep, opulent blue. Historically, it is known as a spiritual stone, one treasured by ancient civilizations, from Mesopotamia to the Romans. Used by healers and royalty, it was supposedly helpful in releasing stress, allowing for peace and serenity – something we could all use more of after the year we just experienced.

At UNDONE, an expert team of techies, creatives and watch industry veterans handle everything from watch conception to design and assembly, all under one roof. With the Arabian Nights dial, that assembly required extreme care. The pieces of Lapis Lazuli had to be cut extremely thin, while still maintaining the high-quality, intense color that marks the stone’s trademark. As a result, each dial produced is one-of-a-kind. What’s more, the watch boasts a 40mm bronze case – as with UNDONE’s Simple Union Bronze limited-edition, the case’s patina will age differently for every wearer, ensuring your Arabian Nights watch will remain entirely unique to you, and this individuality is at the core of UNDONE’s design philosophy.

The eye-catching dial and bronze case alone would be enough to make this UNDONE Arabian Nights watch stand out, but that’s not all that sets it apart from the pack. Watch enthusiasts familiar with the California dial will notice the separation of Eastern Arabic numerals on the top half of the dial and Western Arabic numerals on the lower half. The dial is quartered by horizontal markers and a triangle sits at 12 o’ clock for increased legibility.

Atop you’ll find a double-domed Lexan Polycarbonate crystal, giving the watch a complete height of 15mm and a curvaceous side profile. The bronze rotating bezel is bi-directional and click-less.

On the 316L stainless steel caseback, meanwhile, you’ll see the phrase “This too shall pass” featured in Farsi. The Persian adage may be centuries old, but it’s a message we could all benefit from being reminded of today. Given the challenging times we’ve encountered in 2020 and the resulting uncertainty which ensued, keeping these words close to heart can go a long way in restoring hope that one day soon the world, and life, will return to normal -- and that was exactly the intention behind this piece.

The UNDONE Arabian Nights timepiece is powered by the Seiko Japanese TMI NH35A mechanical movement with automatic winding mechanism, and boasts a 42-hour power reserve and +/- 15 seconds per day accuracy. Available for only $480 USD, the Arabian Nights piece is another limited edition for the brand, with production limited to only 300 pieces worldwide and serialized on the caseback. In other words, just like the watch says, this (deal) too shall pass. So if you want to get your hands on one of these special pieces, make sure you hurry.

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