UNDONE has launched its limited edition new Batman-inspired watch, the Dark Knight Retrospective. The third collection for the formidable superhero, UNDONE pushes the boundaries of watch design with the Dark Knight Retrospective, paying homage to the 1960s Batmobile. The timepiece also very cleverly conceals Batman's nemesis, none other than The Riddler. The villain makes an appearance when you least expect it!

UNDONE is a leading bespoke watch label, tailoring watches to a customer's personal preference, inviting you, the customer, to be a part of the creative process, offering a true luxury experience. UNDONE's dedicated experts bring your watch to life using traditional watchmaking techniques, carefully curated components and an in-house design team. All watches are tailor-made, tested and true to UNDONE's philosophy: individuality matters. Most recently, UNDONE celebrated its 70th anniversary with the launch of Astro Boy, the first-ever popular animated TV series which went on to inspire the style of anime.

This month, UNDONE proudly introduces its third and most electrifying collection of one of the greatest superheroes, Dark Knight Retrospective.

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The Dark Knight Retrospective follows two Batman collections, 2019's Bruce Wayne by Day and the Dark Knight by Night, and 2020's Batman Quantum timepieces. The latter being inspired by his formidable gadgetry, iconic suits, vehicles and weapons.

With the Dark Knight Retrospective, UNDONE explores the fight between good and evil, Batman and super villain The Riddler.

UNDONE skillfully combines design inspiration from the 1960s Lincoln Futura Batmobile. The bulletproof windshield is represented by a domed anti-reflective glass vault K1 lens that sits upon the 42mm satin black DLC coated 316L stainless steel case. Rather than using a conventional casing, the lens actually becomes part of the case midsection, with the crown stem passing through an opening in the side of the vaulted dome. It's worth noting that this kind of work is quite rare in the watch industry. This type of domed lens is typically reserved for much more expensive creations, as we've seen in watches from the likes of HYT and Christophe Claret, among others.

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Back to the car connections for a moment, the Detect-A-Scope from the Batmobile's dashboard that monitored Batman's enemies' movements, is recreated via the semi-transparent dial, which reveals the skeleton mechanical movement beneath, and a radar lume. The Automatic Winding mechanism, Seiko caliber NH72, has a 42-hour power reserve.

The racy sport design of the Batmobile, as highlighted by the crimson pinstripes, appear on the Dark Knight Retrospective, too. Check the cool red anodized aluminum rings along the sandwich case, around the crown and the glass fold.

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Just as the Batmobile features an extremely tough exterior to provide extra protection against cruel attacks by the Dark Knight's most vicious enemies, so does the Dark Knight Retrospective. UNDONE has applied a generous layer of Diamond-like Carbon coating, mimicking the ultra-resistant layer of the Batmobile.

The Riddler's Game

Just when you thought the Dark Knight Retrospective was safe, UNDONE playfully brings Batman's arch nemesis, The Riddler, into play. As fans will recall, the criminal mastermind incorporates an elaborate series of riddles in his schemes against Batman. The Riddler emerges as soon as it turns dark, with the dial illuminating with green question marks, symbolizing that the night has arrived and The Riddler has come out to play!

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The Dark Knight Retrospective is water resistant to 3 ATM / 30 meters and is teamed with a quick-release black Cordura strap.

The highly collectable Dark Knight Retrospective is limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, available for $499 USD with a 12-month warranty.

Be one of the lucky collectors to get your hands on a limited edition UNDONE Dark Knight Retrospective today!

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