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Summer offer from Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie:
Visit the atelier and experience Independent Watchmaking

Thomas Prescher is offering tours of atelier in Twann, Switzerland on this summer.

Discover for yourself how a timepiece is developed, produced, assembled and regulated - from raw pieces of metal to a finished piece of art. You will also learn what the various machines do and the techniques watchmakers use to master their craft.

Under experienced guidance, you will have a chance to sit at a watchmaker's bench, loupe on the eye, screwdriver and tweezers in hand and try manipulating real watch components for yourself. Practice your fine finishing technique on a tiny steel part and, if you are feeling brave, try your hand a finishing a real tourbillon bridge.

The offer runs until August 31st 2010.

If you are interested, please contact at [email protected] or phone +41 (0)32 315 28 66 for more details.

Best regards,

Thomas Prescher
Master Watchmaker and AHCI member
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Would be interesting to see if this turns into a regular thing beyond 2010 ;-)
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