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I've been looking for a Divingstar for some time, and came across this version from a seller in Germany. It looks like Aubry era? Maybe a new bezel insert? It is similar to those on pages 58-61 of Flyingdoc's book. The bezel looks right on the serrated edges, and the insert looks like it fits as one should. BOR bracelet with all links and Synchron back.

Could be a Franken, but being fully serviced, I will enjoy wearing her.

I will shoot better pics when it arrives, here are the PO's. What do you Sub experts think I've got here?


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Nice find Mike...I too have been looking for another DS.
Fishing the Ebay experience can prove to be a great catch!

As per the description:
"Offer super+beautiful Vintage DOXA SUB 300T DivingStar mechanism in Top was entitled… Ultra rare version with yellow number sheet…. restore-revise-clean-runs 1A….Original one stole bracelet with Doxa marked closes….waterproof is also!! Housing high-grade steel matte 43mm diameter without crown and 14mm building-high, bolted ground and eiseitig trick-cash lunette. Pictures look at…. 6 months guarantee on function (work) by Uhrmachermeister workshop. Really a rare one and a beautiful various…. Starting from 1 euro ...... much luck!! Free insured dispatch inland….foreign country asks an inquiring Paypal only outside of European Union possible With simply Mailen ask. Private sale ...... no return possible!!"


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Nice little find there ! :-!

I would agree that it's probably an Aubery period one thats perhaps had it's bezel insert replaced, however, so many things seem to have been changed and tried and amalgamated during that period by DOXA that anything is possible.

The hands look more like re-issue style hands that have been poorley re-lumed (a very easy fix) and the crown looks like a replacement but these are miniscule minor points, it looks really good.

I'm gutted I missed it :-(

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I wouldn't care for the badly relumed second-hand as rest is in good original conditon. A real plus is the original bor-band!

As for the bezel: the space between bezel and crystal is a little bit too large. For me it looks like someone glued a strange bezel insert on top of the original massive bezel.
When you look close at the numbers you can also see that the top of the numbers were a little bit cut off (especially the '50'). Looks like someone made a different bezel insert fit on a Sub. (I personally would have a skilled watchmaker detached the strange insert to see what's underneath it)

Btw: I don't think it's an Aubry. Aubry-Subs normally have bigger (wider) indices and a different caseback. For me it's a normal Synchron Divingstar. According to the wide hourhand and the wide DOXA labeled clasp I would date it to the late '70s.

Aubry or not ... a good find !!!
Have fun with it !!!

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Franken or not it´s still a nice watch and you asked for details, so here they are:

The watch started life as a Synchrone period Divingstar, narrow indices and Synchrone Triagle on dial and on the caseback in the circle which is hidden on the pics with the clasp.

Crown: Wrong crown, hopefully no one changed the crown tube and it is still a non screwdown version.

Hands: replacement Aubry wide Hands which I guess where changed during a service in the AUBRY Time where they also replaced the bracelet.

Bracelet: Tappering AUBRY period Beads of Rice Bracelet with D O X A letters on clasp.

Bezel: wrong bezel for this model it´s a Bezel from a Aubry SUB 600T with a non original insert - maybe Rolex etc.
The Aubry 600T Bezel is not a interchangeable Bezel with the Synchron 300T, Aubry 300T and 750T cases as it has a different inner shape and different designed
spring mechanism. This Bezel was made to fit the 300T and hopefully they machined the Bezel and not the case of the watch.

Movement if not replaced should have quickset date and a synchrone signed rotor.

Okay enough of the tech details, my advice is to enjoy the watch the way it is as it looks nice, maybe change the crown to the correct nonscrewdown synchron replacement crown and check the bezel if it moves in one direction. If it moves you can decide to keep it the way it is forever or go for the hunt of a rare synchrone Bezel and have it changed at a later point.

Again congrats to catch a nice piece and besides all the "negative" "Franken" info from me enjoy this Beauty.

Regards Bernie
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