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sup everyone! i've been on vacation for a while, so I don't know what's been shared & what has not. Seen Rocat mention Clement Wong scans here: I see that thread has scans on different pages.. so my bad if all this has already been shared. Thought Id make a thread anyways. have all the stuff in 1 place make it easier to find..


Fictional character

Line Parallel

Text Line Font Paper Parallel



Text Font Paper Parallel

Font Graphic design

Text Font Graphic design Illustration

G-Shock Australia has updated its upcoming section to give you a better look at these releases: G-Shock AUS // Casio G-Shock Watches Australia

Pro Trek:



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thanks Starscream, bit overwhelming - like the white ICERC 8900 and a couple of the tri-colors.
Yes I like that ICERC 8900 as well as the tri 8900...I am kind of surprised they are priced so close to each other
I would have thought the ICERC would be higher or the Tri 8900 lower but at 23k & 26k that is only $25 USD diff

Thanks Starscream it is better seeing these all in one group rather than spread like the 2015 Thread

Those drip/splatter like finished GA-110's I would also actually like one if not for the Neg displays

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Definitely in for that green Ranger!! :-!

On the fence about the Mudmaster. Hopefully it will be available in multiple color schemes. Not sure about the colors on the one pictured.

Way too much green on the Protreks, for me. But I don't need another Protrek anyway. ;-)

Kind of liking the red, white, blue Tri-color series also! Will probably have to get one of those - unsure which model.

Thanks Starscream!
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That gd400 blue and orange will be mine. Love that combo.

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I like the colours on that as well. just wish it was a coloured display & not a plain negative display.. am getting tired of those. I might go for it tho if i can find it at a good price.

Uuuuuuuh a lot of squares! Already love the slashed patterns one, the tri-color looks like a winner, but not sure about the G-lides...

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yeah loads of squares! I just wish they had used the DW-D5600 instead which had the 10yr battery. They introduced the D5600 last year & have not supported it at all.. I do like the red and blue flower glx's.
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