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What are your thoughts with respect to ladies watches in this price range?

Better to go with one of the older (say 1970’s) from high end makers (jlc, AP, vacheron, etc...)

Or nice quartz pieces from the 1990’s/2000’s from day Hermès or Cartier or other higher end brands?

I notice many ladies watches are quartz due to their size.
I understand at this price point I Am not going for a collectible or 5 star item, this is a watch she will weak (mix it up from her steel bracelet Rolex)

Part of it is style. Part of it for function. The options look very good all around in this range.

My concerns are:
- the 40 year old prices might not be running great. They are from trusted sellers and described as good, but I understand the vintage game and a little quirkiness in the operation of the piece can be part of the game.
- I don’t want to say I’m a watch snob, but to me it’s always been about the mystique of mechanical movements. This type of money for a quartz just seems a little head scratching. But at the same time the pieces are gorgeous so viewing it as jewelry with a function makes sense.

I’m at a loss and anxious to hear some opinions.
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