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This review is based on an October 2017 Stowa Partitio Klassik Black, handwound with sapphire displayback, purchased second hand for USD630 (excluding shipping). Based on other forum posts, I believe it has a slightly larger crown compared to other earlier Partitios, which are otherwise identical.

This is my first review on WUS, so any useful feedback would be most appreciated.

- The dial is seemingly simple, but the details are sublime. It is a case study in restrained execution and I loved staring at it. The font choice & sizing, print quality, positioning of numerals and words, rotating orientation of the 5-minute numerals, sub-minute track, etc. The dial colour is a lovely matte black, even in bright sunlight (to my eyes). The Superluminova C3 works well as one would expect and is tidy and consistent in application.

- The hands. Length of all 3 hands are perfect. The polished dark grey (silver?) finish of the seconds hand allows it to be something of a chameleon - visible when you want to look at it, but otherwise disappears. Again, thoughtful execution here. Lack of counterbalance on the seconds hand is a unique touch which I liked.

- Readability / legibility. This is a major factor for me after having had watches that are not too easily read at a glance (silver dials with polished hands watches, I'm looking at you!). The Partitio Black is ALWAYS easy to read, even without any AR coating on the crystal. Great contrast and clarity. The dial and hands combine to do a fantastic job in this department.

- The case. It's a very comfortable size and height for my 6.25" wrist. My handwound Partitio was slightly thinner than the automatic. It's easy to forget the watch is there. I love how the side profile of the case transitions almost seamlessly into the domed crystal. Very smooth.

- The crystal. Some want this to have an acrylic crystal and I understand why. For me, the sapphire is a pro because it always looks pristine. The slight dome is perfect.

- The movement. It's nice to stare at it through the sapphire displayback. I am not a movement snob and I could just as happily stare at a Seiko 5 or Chinese movement because all mechanical watches are fascinating to me. That said, the blued screws and Stowa branding on the movement add some visual interest and character. It's not a work of art in the way that a boutique IHM would be, but it's well presented IMO. Time keeping was measured at approx +3s/day which is excellent.

- I bought the handwinding version and this was the reason why I sold it. I wanted to wear this daily and I didn't like having to wind a watch daily. I thought I'd enjoy it, but it turns out I'm rather lazy. In cooler weather, it's not much fun winding a small'ish crown with rather crisp edges. The winding action is acceptably smooth.

- The basic black Stowa strap is serviceable but if the watch punches above its weight in quality, then the strap doesn't quite keep up. I would replace it. The Stowa tang buckle is nice though.

- The lugs. Ultimately I'm not a thin lug guy. Yes it fits the 1930's (?) vibe of the watch and it would be weird to see thicker lugs on this watch, but I never loved the lugs here. Of course, I knew that going in and thought I would be able to look past them, but eventually the lugs bothered me.

General observations (neither pros nor cons):

- Strap versatility. I put the Partitio on a grey nato for fun and didn't like how the lugs almost disappeared completely on nato, so it strikes me as a watch that works better on leather. YMMV of course. Some people are wearing the Partitio on mesh but I never tried this option.

- Anti-reflective coating on the crystal could be useful, but not essential.

Closing thoughts:

Perhaps the Partitio is too much of a chameleon. Not dressy enough and not sporty enough. For some, it could be all the watch they need. For what it is though, Stowa has done a fantastic job with it and the Partitio deserves more attention / kudos. I am glad to have tried it out and owned it for a while.

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Excellent review. Its objective, fair and organized.

And thank you for taking the time to write a review even after you had sold the watch. I have been considering the white dial Partitio.

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Received my Partitio yesterday, hand wound white dial with red seconds hand.

This is a thorough review, but I would like to add my two cents:

-- The white dial, with its eggshell color and "peach" numbers, is a subtle look and can look a little washed out. The red second hand adds pop and completes the dial. Can't image the white dial without it.

-- I read some criticism in the comments on Worn and Wound, or maybe Hodnikee, that the lack of a tail on the second hand is "a deal breaker because that would drive me nuts." I never really noticed, but now that I do, I love it. It completes the aesthetics of a 1930's professional's watch. Too many tails on second hands are too long and truly hideous (I am looking at you, SKX007 modders with your trident tails).

-- The hand wound is indeed slimmer. More on that in a bit.

-- Yes, AR is not essential, but it would have been nice.

-- Bought a black hand-stitched strap from Stowa. Was a teeny bit expensive (about $60.00 USD) but it really completes the 1930's aesthetic, and "butches" it up a bit.

-- I generally prefer hand winds because I like to engage with my watch. But this watch wears small (I have a 6.9 in/175 mm wrist) and with its narrowish diameter (37mm), thinner lugs and delicate color scheme on the white dial, the thinner hand wind gives it a more delicate feel.

-- After I brought it home and after my girlfriend complained "not another watch!", she took a look at it, "ooooo'ed!", declared it "pretty" and decided it would look great with a red band. This morning she was wearing it, and repeated that it would look great with a red band. I think a red band is in it's future.

-- My GF is not a watch person. She says that "ladies watches" are too "girly", and believes that the Apple Watch 4 is the height of horology, even if she also complains that without the strap choices the Apple Watch is "a thick, dark square on your wrist". But she really took to this watch. Between this watch and the smaller-sized Anteas (as well as the Back to Bauhaus collection), Stowa really doesn't offer watches for women. The Fliegers, the Marines, the Chronos and the Divers have a decidedly masculine cut. In fact, most established watch companies don't actively market to women, other than the higher-end Swiss brands and the Movado Group, which is not only a shame and somewhat sexist because it assumes that women care only about "fashion and frills" and not about craftsmanship, but also a very narrow-minded business approach since women, especially in the States, are pulling ahead of men in educational attainment and income.

-- That said, my GF is not getting this watch. We will have to share it, and I will have to teach her how to use a strap tool when she declares, for example, that it is "pink watch Tuesday!" (Note: I still stand by what I said about "fashion and frills" above)

-- This is not a "chameleon" watch. From what I can tell from the Stowa book I got with my watch (thank you Stowa, more watch companies need to do this!), the Partitio is a faithful re-creation of a catalog watch made for professional men in the 1930's. Back in the day, men dressed. In fact, looking at old black and white photos of men in the 1930's and 1940's, I don't think I have even seen a picture of a man in shorts and flip-flops thowing back a micro-brew IPA while wearing a chunky-assed diver. This is a professional's watch, a dress-casual watch, perfect if your office requires you to wear a button-down shirt and slacks. It's also great with a suit, professional yet understated, and fits much better than trying to fit a 45mm Speedmaster. A watch that will not look too gaudy or bling-y on a date and will generate compliments, unless you are dating a Kardashian.

-- Not every watch goes with a NATO or a thick, unfinished leather band with wide contrast stitching. I don't care that Daniel Craig is shown wearing a tux with a Speedmaster on a NATO, NOT EVERY WATCH IS NATO-APPROPRIATE. The Partitio is not a NATO watch. You can always try to wear this watch with a NATO, but if you do, I reserve the right to point at you and laugh.
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