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Hey Guys,

Excuse the noob question but I tried a search and just got more confused as to the workings of the movement for the LM-2 and LM-6 GMT models.
Looking at the LM-2GMT the new face has markings for the 24hr UTC times, does the UTC hand point to the 24 hour markers or to the regular 12 hour markers for the regular watch. I know I am probably confusing everyone now but for example, the time is 12 noon in Texas. UTC is +5 hrs so the Hour hand is on the 12 as is the minute hand. Now where is the UTC hand? Is it on the watch face 5 marker or on the UTC marker indicating 1700 hrs?
The way I see it in order for the UTC hand to function properly it would have to move and point to the outer bezel instead of pointing to the inner numbers and for every hour moved on the hour hand the UTC hand would move half the distance.

Sorry for the rambling and hope I made some sense,

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