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UX Question

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My second hand has a bit of "bounce" to it.
I've described it in more detail in asking this question in the "High End Quartz Forum" here:

Wondering if any others have encountered this with their UX's and what, if anything, they've done?

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Re: UX Question - same here

I just rec'd mine as well after 9 months . .

Mine is the same . . .a little bit o' bounce
Mine has the same "bounce", I don't think that this is something to worry about, although I do not know the reason for this behaviour.
The UX I saw in the Sinn showroom all had the "backbounce" ... perhaps it has something to do with the oil, or with this particular movement type? My other quartz watches (different movement type) don't exhibit that behavior.
Thanks guys.
Re-assuring to know it doesn't seem to be a problem.
One fellow in the thread I linked to seems to be onto a theory.
Yes, I've noticed this happening to my UX. Particularly when the seconds hand is moving up against the oil from 6 o0'clock position to the 12 o'clock position.

It doesn't happen all the time though and it doesn't affect the watch accuracy.

Apparently it is due to the resistance caused by the oil as the seconds hand moves through it.

I also think that the parallax error exacerbates it.

Most of the time it is perfect and beautiful to look at.
Welcome to the forum, Pangllui!

On second thought, I am not sure that the slack of the second hand has to do with the oil ... I had the same (for me) annoying slack in a Breitling and an IWC (JLC movement) quartz watches I owned earlier.

Strangely, the lowly Marathon (ISA) and Traser/H3 (Ronda) movements have no slack at all.
No I don't think it's the oil either Martin.
I've also noticed it's not a constant thing, sometimes more pronounced and sometimes not there at all.
I'm ok with it, keeping perfect time after all.
I'll call it "character"
I get it on occaisions,but the watch works OK so i am not going to drive myself crazy with minut'e,lifes to short.


PS the watch is keeping great time.
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