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With an ever growing clientele of luxury consumers, China is at the top of the priority list for most high-end brands. All of the leading brands these days have websites translated into Mandarin.

Meanwhile, in the Swiss city of Lucerne, the Chinese are being targeted through the opening of a new store by luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin.

Lucerne is a city of culture, history and design and the ideal location for Vacheron Constantin in German-speaking Switzerland for its brand-new boutique. This warm and intimate setting officially opened earlier this month at 10 Kapellplatz.

It’s no coincidence that VC are also hoping to take advantage of the city’s sizeable Chinese community by placing a store right on their doorstep.

Spread across two floors, the store boasts an array of lavish materials including wood, bronze and leather. The ground floor houses the brand’s collections, whilst the upper floor is a VIP Lounge.

Vacheron Constantin’s connections with Lucerne stretch back to more than a century. In 1896, Lucerne resident Oscar Frésard was appointed as a brand representative, and in the years since there have been several other Lucerne natives in the same role.

Rare VC pocket watches on display

At the store’s inauguration, which took place last week, six pocket watches dating from 1825 to 1994 and depicting miniature painted Swiss landscapes were presented, all belonging to the Vacheron Constantin heritage collection.

As incentive to draw in visitors, until the end of January 2013, six pocket watches dating from 1825 to 1994 and depicting magnificent miniature painted Swiss landscapes will be on display, all of them belonging to the prized Vacheron Constantin heritage collection.

The pocket watches are magnificently adorned using line or copperplate engraving, champlevé enamel, joue slanted-curve etching and miniature painting techniques. These remarkable timepieces provide a unique opportunity to enjoy a close-up look at the artistic crafts which Vacheron Constantin is committed to preserving.

Fine Watches - Vacheron Constantin
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