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value of Type demineur increasing?

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I notice that it is hard to find a type demuneur now. I have a white face one, with all three bands, the box, the warranty card, all receipts, it's my only watch basically and I love this watch. I even had it serviced by bell & ross when the battery ran low. I can take pictures, its in used but very good condition (all the wear and tear is from walking around NYC) but I am not here to brag over a 1200$ watch.

My question is, the next watch I want is tag heuer steve mcqueen monaco with steel wristband. Is my watch close to trade value? Will it be. I know one is quartz and one is automatic. But collectors collect, and have multiple watches, and the value of having something someone cannot get may make it a good trade one day. And I have everything to showcase the watch (if you can showcase a battery watch).

I bought it because I worked near a radiology MRI machine, so the anti-magnetic was the reason (I read it was a bomb-squad watch)

Am I dreaming or is this possible?

Email me if you cannot post, I would like to know how far off I am.
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Bump? Can i do that. Update, watch gone, the band came off and I lost it.
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