Nato straps. They need no introduction on Watchuseek. Interchangeable, comfortable, durable, practical watch straps still used in the military to safely secure a watch to its owners’ wrist during strenuous activity. But while perfectly fit for purpose, the Nato strap was designed by a department somewhere in NATO, and was never intended as a fashion item, let alone as a way to accessorize a little black dress.

Singapore Graphic Designer Ivan Chua decided the concept was still sound but the color and pattern options needed a long overdue facelift. So rather than having a choice of sensible Nato department colors, Ivan has designed a choice of hip designs which can instantly add spice and glamor to any watch and accessorize any outfit, whether for girls or guys.

His new Nato watch strap brand is called Vario, as in variation, and he is currently looking to raise $5,000 to ensure that 10 different watch strap designs in 3 different sizes can get the green light to go into production.

He has already reached $2,270 of his stated goal on Indiegogo and still has 22 days left for the campaign to run, so it’s not impossible to imagine Ivan making it to the finish line in good shape.

You can check Ivan’s Indiegogo page for the various offers, but these include a spring bar removal tool, and a watch pouch or watch roll in which to store your Vario clad watches. If you like what you see on Ivan’s Indiegogo page give him a helping hand with a pledge.

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