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Hi fellow wus,

My name is Ivan from Vario (Singapore) and I sell watches and accessories. I'm currently having a Spring/Summer Sale at

You can mix and match any straps, mesh bracelet, watch roll and cases from any of our collections. The App will auto calculate discount of 15% or more when you buy 2 or more straps. Sometimes the app will not reflect the discount but no worries. We will make a partial refund manually.

1 Strap - 8% OFF (Use VARIO8 during check out)
2 Straps - 15% OFF
3 Straps - 20% OFF
4 Straps - 25% OFF

More details about the sale

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our products.

These Twill Natos are single pass Nato. I couldn't be bothered to fiddle with the adjustable buckles and made mine in the good old fashion Nato style but single pass to get a lower profile on the wrist. Intro price of US$10 (No further discounts)


Next up would be my Cordura strap. When I made these single passes, there wasn't any other vendors doing the same. I also have 2 piece version with oiled leather to add more character to the strap and the 2 piece Cordura comes with quick release for easy swapping of straps.


My Italian leather is probably my strongest offering so far with a nice texture that is water and scratch resistant. It tapes 2-4mm depending on width and pairs well with both vintage and modern pieces. Comes with quick release too.


Lastly I would like to introduce my Harris Tweed Herringbone weave strap. You might ask if they're scratchy or warm but they're leather backed and painted on the side so it should be fine for most folks.


We have many other straps available on if you would be so kind to check us out.
Sales end 31 May 2020

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