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Hi guys, just joined the site because I am in need of identifying a pocket watch that was given to me by my Great Grandma after my Great Granddads passing.

There is little information on this type of watch as it doesn't have any indication of the brand manufacture.

The only information I have on this watch is the follows:

I take it the serial number is: 6268570

The movement is engraved with Matador and also features the word DEPOSE with Brevet no. 51828

The only other information on it is my great grandfather had once told us who it used to belonged to and I think it was my Great, Great Grandfather or it could have been possibly my Great x3 grandfather but even my great grandfather was confused.
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I would like to know the age of it as its interesting to know but also I would like to know if there are any good websites/companies that deal specifically with old vintage watches that could possibly tell me more information as I would like to ponder on the possibility of the watch being restored (a long shot I know)

I only wish I wasn't obsessed with it as a child otherwise it would still have the original hands plus be in a slight working order.

I have done a little research as other people have posted things very similar.

Here is what I found:

Movement The movement is marked 'Matador' which I believe is one of the brand names of the Phenix Watch Co. It is also marked 'Depose' and 'Brevet No 51823'.

So if anyone can tell me any good companies which specialise in these kinds of watches please let me know how I can contact them. Any info is appreciated.


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Welcome to Watchuseek. That is indeed a Phenix movement, possibly this one (depending on the exact size of your movement):

bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Phenix 18.5'''

According to Ranfft, that one was made from 1910 onwards. The black gunmetal case suggests a military watch, possibly for use in WWI, but the dial doesn't really look all that military. On balance, I would therefore say: non-military. Once you get some hands, you may be able to have it restored if the movement is functional.

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I think you must have mistaken the 8 in the patent number for a 3. Swiss patent CH 51828 concerns winding and setting by stem, if I understand correctly, and the details are here:
Espacenet - Bibliographic data
Patent granted to Societe Horloger de Porrentruy in 1911.
Which means Phenix, as shown here:
Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index
And the search for Matador indeed shows one registered to Phenix.
Here is your movement in the Ranfft archive:
bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Phenix 18.5'''
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