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Greetings to all! As part of my regular collection reviews, I have posted on YouTube a thorough, honest review of the Oris Aquis Titan Chronograph, a watch that I've never seen reviewed in detail by an actual owner. Here's a link to the video review. MANY more to come in the near future! I hope you all enjoy it. Good health to all!

Video Link:

P.S.: Here are some teaser pics

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Wrist Fashion accessory

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Wrist

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Hey, I finally got around to watching your video - which Ive been meaning to do for a while but kept forgetting to come back to.

Great review, thanks for posting.

I also have this watch and love it just like you -

I love the grey on grey on grey colour scheme - using material, textures and finishes to create interest results in a sporty AND refined look that I love as an everyday wearer.

I work with guys that wear Tag and Omega chronos - when I (more of a watch guy that either of them) chose an Oris as my one big dollar watch they couldnt understand why Oris - when you take a good, unbiased look at the Aquis Titan Chrono, I think it more than holds its own.

I agree with you on most points - the all Titanium bracelet is awesome, with the sharp break on the otherwise curved surface a masterstroke that makes it; the Tungsten bezel insert is enigmatic as well as highly functional; the Bezel ratchet is one of the best, most crisp, Ive ever experienced; the dial is detailed, refined, and just plain beautiful; and the movement... well you cant go wrong with something as tried and tested as a 7750 can you!

To touch on your Cons -

I personally agree that its a bit too thick - it almost stopped me from buying it. Id almost go so far as to say 2mm too thick, but that would no doubt effect the 500m rating that makes it pretty bad arse so I guess I can live with it.

The double sided AR argument is a tricky one - while going double AR would make the crystal disappear, i think a little reflection on the crystal makes this watch zing even more in the sun - you could always get the outside AR'ed if you feel that strongly about it.

One gripe I have is the little dings I (and I see it on yours too) get on the first bracelet center link where the link hits a sharp edge on the case when the bracelet comes forward of the case - but I guess when you buy a titanium watch you are already saying you are ok with some marks.

All in all a great watch that I'll be holding on to to hand onto my son one day :)
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