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Hello all - I purchased these via ebay and I was planning to service them myself and get them working again but I am now scheduled to move and am trying to clear out as much as I can.

I purchased the black dial for $254 and the golden dial for 172.

The black dial will tick for a min but then stops. The mainspring winds all the way but no release of power through the gear train so I'm sure it's just gunked up. The minstop wheel resets back to zero perfectly. I can test this by setting forward the time which will add time to the minstop wheel. The pusher then resets is back to zero exactly.

The golden dial version is the exact opposite. The watch winds and runs fine but the minstop wheel is stuck. I believe simply the minstop wheel is pressed up against the dial which has seized it. I read on a watch repair blog that this is common and an easy fix.

I'm looking to get 350 for the pair or feel free to make an offer individually. Thanks.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or picture/video requests.

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