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Vintage Early 80s Casio 108 F-81 Still Going After 30 Years

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I was at my parent's over the weekend to clean out some junk from the garage and found my old casio watch I wore back in High School. The band was missing, but I just installed a new battery and it fired up. I haven't worn this watch in 30 years or so. Can I still get a casio band for this watch? Would a Zulu or Nato band look good with this Casio? I believe its an 18mm. Any suggestions?


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Yea, I was just looking at that color, black with grey stripes nato strap. Any suggestions on a good place to get them?
Amazing to see that it fired up after so long!
That's a beauty with the 108 module, I have the same one on my W-250.
You might find it quite a tight fit to get a NATO strap on it though, might be better to consider a 2-piece alternative. You should be able to find an 18mm Casio resin strap that will fit, but it might not be a direct replacement.
A Casio or some type of rubber strap is my first choice, as I would like to keep as stock looking as possible. I measured the lug spacing, and it looks like its a 19mm. I'm actually getting a bit curious about this particular model and early 80s casio watches. Any info on this watch would be much appreciated. Is it a collectible piece compared to the marlin models? Is the F81 much more rare than the F91? Was the G-shock available during the early 80s?
Thanks for the link. The nato from that site comes in 18, 20, and 22mm. The Casio in question is 19mm. Would the 18mm work just fine?
If your in the USA both Walmart and Target carry Casio style 18mm resin replacement bands.
Yes, very impressive indeed. Comes to show you Casio are made tough and reliable.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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