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I wanted to have a vintage watch and bought this Laco Sport for under 200 USD from a Swiss watch maker.
It is in perfect working condition and I really like it.

Vintage Laco Sport Antimagnetique in Steel, Early 1940's.
Diameter: 28 mm (without crown).
Manual winding, 17 jewels.
Steel case, second hand.
New plexiglass.
Signs of age on dial and case according to photos.
A new black leather strap has been fitted.
The watch has been checked and works by the watchmaker.

Photos are not mine, but from the website.
I can't take photographs, as I don't have a camera or nor a smartphone.

Any input and thoughts about this watch?

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There‘s a Laco Forum on WUS (jusr saying).

One of my former posts:

The Laco Sport history is a story of success. Laco Sport models, almost uncountable, were very famous in the 1950s to 1960s.

The years up until 1959 may be regarded as Lacher's "golden age". Laco enjoyed a strong market position with the manual wind and - starting in 1952 - with the automatic models, while Durowe supplied various watchmakers with an ever-increasing number of reliable and high-quality movements.

Seen through the eyes of collectors and enthusiasts of German precision engineering, this period offers a wealth of particularly interesting models. The "Laco-Sport" was the first one and introduced the "Duromat" - 11 ½ lines (552 cal.), the first automatic movement to be produced by Durowe as of 1952. This movement, with its 18,000 semioscillations and two-directional rotor, based on the 422 cal. manual wind, made Durowe one of the first German manufacturers of automatics.

Laco's history: The Laco (Lacher) History

You‘ll find more Laco Sport watches on the Laco Forum, here‘s just one link

What year is this Laco Sport
Thank's. I didn't know about the Laco Forum.
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