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Looking for some help with a few questions I have about vintage Omegas watches.
1. Do all Omega dials have a "Swiss Made" label?
I ask that question because I recently got a 1954 Seamaster that has its original crystal and the dial looks original to me, but it does not have "Swiss Made" on the dial. My watch also came with its original box and pamphlet. The dial is scratched, but I think I will leave it because it is an original with the Omega logo near the center.
2. Does having an original Omega box and pamphlet increase the value of my Seamaster?
3. Is is important to replace a vintage (non Omega) stainless steel band with a leather band? I have heard that leaving a stainless band on the watch will adversely affect the lugs.
4. My Seamaster has a replacement crown. Should I try to find an Omega Crown and replace the crown that is now on the watch?
Thank for helping a novice vintage Omega collector.
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Your dial was refinished, not original and that's why it doesn't have Swiss Made. (on some older models, there was no Swiss Made but yours is not the case)

If your crystal has a small omega logo on it, it's original .

The use of metal band will hurt the inside of the lugs but not too much and should not be considered as a problem. If you like, you can use a leather strap and change the crown.

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