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As some folks know, I have a soft spot for Seiko watches, vintage digital watches and quartz watches.

I love Seiko and Casio vintage digital watches because both these companies created digital watches with cutting edge features (for the time)

Having seen a friend recently wearing a Seiko A239 World timer and getting a chance to play with his one for a little while, I knew I had to get one for myself.

The Seiko A239 is one of the first watches(along with a couple of Casio Casiotron models) that utilized an LCD on top of another LCD to give the display a floating look. On this watch the top LCD has a world time map.

A look on the bay yielded a few A239 watches. One of which was in nice shape but looked to have LCD bleed. Another was priced at $55 plus shipping costs. It was listed as being for parts but looked like it was working. A conversation with the seller gave me the info that the watch ran and the buttons worked but the watch could not be set. Now I know that it takes having an engineering degree to set this watch as it is very time consuming to activate the setting procedure (unlike most watches where you hold down a button and into setting mode you go) So I am hoping that that is the "issue" However as these are hard to find and are sought after and I got it cheap, it still will be a nice addition to my collection.

The seller stated that it had a name on it. A closer look showed that this watch was marked on the top the name Goldwin Cup. Goldwin is a big Japanese sporting goods store. They sponsored the Goldwin Cup in Nov 1982 and 1983 as part of the USA Vs. Japan Golf tournament tour.

Each participant got a Seiko A239 with Goldwin Cup on the top of the watch and the recipient's name on the bottom.

My Goldwin Cup Seiko A239 was given to golf hall of famer Lanny Wadkins

A lot of my watches have inscriptions on them. I collect them as I find inscriptions on watches to be a personal touch. However this is the first celebrity/sports star watch I have ever gotten.

Here are the seller's pics, I don't expect the watch until next week at some point


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