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Well guys the first of the research projects is in and finished and delivered. Harry has written a guide to the Seiko's first Diver. It is saved in the FAQ section of this forum.

There are still several unclaimed projects. Also Vandice/RPF will not be able to write the two projects he originally volunteered for, so they've been added to the list.
Please reply to this post to lay your claim to any one of the projects. The idea being that you promise to commit to writing the most thorough draft you can of the project over the next month. at the end of that time, post your draft for comments and editing and then repost it as a final draft.

When finished, Like Harry's guide, they will be added to the FAQ so that we can all benefit from them for years going forward. This same post is being made at SCWF.

Here are the topics that have been suggested. Those that are already taken are noted. Please claim yours:

1. A Guide for Beginners (General advice for the beginner collector)

2. A brief history of each of the major Japanese brands.

3. a technical breakdown and comparison of the 6r15 vs. the eta 2824.

4. history of sub-brands like Brightz, Laurel, Credor

5. A Movement chronology table (including Quartz calibers) similar to the one in TZ, but updated to include all the modern calibers.

6. A Seiko Chronograph Guide (6138, 6139, 7016, ...)

7. A tutorial on re-finishing watch cases, bracelets, and crystals of all various compositions both with buffing wheels, dremels and by hand.

8. Comprehensive listing of all of the most recommended purveyors of the various watch brands that we discuss here the most often.

9. a Guide to 6106 Sport Divers
(Claimed By Isthmus)

10. A guide to 6105 divers (Claimed By Kevin Mc)

11. a guide to 7002 Divers (Claimed By Isthmus)

12. History of the "Citizen 7" sub-brand (Claimed By David Hickson)

13. DIY tutorials for the members who wish to try their hand at playing with their own watches (Claimed By Noah Fuller)

14. model type pictorial timelines similar to the one for divers posted here: (Claimed By Harry Teicher)

15. A guide to all the different Seiko dive watch bracelets showing the variations between the different OEM and aftermarket bracelet options for the base seiko divers. This guide could also serve as a good place for links on how to size different bracelet types, what tools are needed, etc. (Claimed By OnTimeGabe)

16. Comprehensive listing of all watch repair experts and mod gurus recommended and their specialties. Include links to their websites or email addresses. (Claimed By mike.123850)

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